Hello and thanks for dropping in! I’m a digital forensics practitioner in the law enforcement field. Much like my entry into a law enforcement career, digital forensics was an unplanned but fortunate decision. I didn’t start with a significant tech background but I did find myself with a voracious appetite to learn and do more and a good environment to accomplish that. I’ve certainly not mastered this craft yet and probably never will. Technology is constantly changing and we’re in a never-ending cycle of keeping up with those changes and their forensic implications.

I hope to share some of the things I’ve learned along the way in addition to documenting the new (to me) stuff. I’ve benefited from having worked in a lab with a couple dozen other examiners. Having people sitting at the desk next to you with a decade or two of knowledge under their belts and a willingness to help is a huge advantage. Hopefully this blog can act as an online sharing point and someone other than me will benefit from it.

One of my other passions is barbeque, which happens to be the source of the bluesmoke moniker. When the fire in your smoker is at just the right point, burning clean and ready for the meat to be thrown on, it’s a thin, vaguely blue wisp which gives your food that perfect smoky kiss. I often find myself hovering around one of my smokers awaiting smoked goodness of a rack of ribs or brisket. I may document and share some of those processes from time to time.

The all too usual disclaimer applies here: The opinions and views expressed here are only my own and not that of my employer, co-workers, or other organizations that I am associated with unless explicitly attributed to them.

Let’s get forensicating!


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